According to the vision from God this orphanage started its function on 1st January 1997. Children with us have come from different situations of deep poverty and difficulty. We provide free accommodation food and education. They have all received Jesus Christ, and now they are prayer-warriors. It is our vision to raise up a mighty army for God

    God promised us that we would be the “parents” to thousands of children. According to the vision God has given us, we have started the orphanage in 1997 and is called the “Rose of Sharon Children’s Home”, named after our daughter Sharon. God has used the name of the Orphanage to remind us of the word that He gave us to look after the children in our care exactly the same way as we would look after our own daughter. This is certainly a responsible task and one that can only be accomplished through much prayer and with God’s grace.

    The children in SHARON have faced many difficulties in their young lives… you can offer them the strength and encouragement they need to develop and grow. You can change a life forever.

      The children here receive as much love and attention as their caretakers can possibly provide. But even in the best environment, all children want to feel unique… to know that someone has a special place in their heart just for them. That’s what you can do!! In addition to your support, we encourage you to pray for and write to your sponsored child. As a sponsor, you’ll also receive letters from the child you’re helping. Building a personal relationship with your sponsored child can be as rewarding and joyful for you as it will be for the child you’re helping.


      It is Our Vision to " Raise up a mighty army for the Lord Jesus Christ through, Rose of Sharon Children's Home." Yes, God changed many lives here, some became Pastors, some secured professional jobs, some are studying for nursing, engineering etc..

     Please remember Rose of Sharon Children's Home as this ministry run by faith and needs more sponsors.